move [mo͞ov]
moved, moving [ME moven < Anglo-Fr mover < OFr movoir < L movere < IE base * mew-, to push away > Sans mīvati, (he) shoves]
1. to change the place or position of; push, carry, or pull from one place or position to another
2. to set or keep in motion; actuate, impel, turn, stir, etc.
3. to cause or persuade (to act, do, say, speak, etc.); prompt
4. to arouse or stir the emotions, passions, or sympathies of
5. to propose or suggest; esp., to propose formally, as in a meeting
6. to cause (the bowels) to evacuate
7. Commerce to dispose of (goods) by selling
1. to change place or position; go (to some place)
2. to change one's place of residence, business, etc.
3. to live or be active in a specified milieu or setting [to move in artistic circles]
4. to make progress; advance
5. to take action; begin to act
a) to be, or be set, in motion
b) to operate in a certain fixed motion; turn, revolve, etc.: said of machines
7. to make a formal appeal or application (for) [move for a new trial]
8. to evacuate: said of the bowels
9. Informal to start leaving; depart: often with on [time to be moving on]
10. Chess Checkers etc.
a) to change the position of a piece
b) to be put in another position: said of a piece
11. Commerce to be disposed of by sale: said of goods
1. the act of moving; a movement
2. one of a series of actions toward some goal
3. a change of residence, business location, etc.
4. Chess Checkers etc. the act of moving or a player's turn to move
5. Slang an action, device, trick, etc. intended to deceive; esp., in sports, a deceptive maneuver or movement
☆ get a move on Slang
1. to start moving
2. to hurry; go faster
☆ move in on Slang
1. to draw near, with the intention of capturing
2. to attempt to take over control of (something) from (someone)
move over
to move to another place or position, esp. an adjacent one
move up
to promote or be promoted
on the move
Informal moving about from place to place
put the moves on or put a move on
Slang to attempt to seduce by the use of deceptive tricks or devices

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